Windows 7 -- flashing windows, closing menus

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Apr 13, 2012
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  1. CandiiSweet

    CandiiSweet TS Rookie

    After deleting windows updates that were installed around the time when the problem started happening, and trying to remove drivers that are being loaded to my other user accounts. Nothing still works. Right now, I'm transferring my files and documents to another computer and doing a clean install completely.
  2. andweb

    andweb TS Rookie

    found this post looking for a solution to a flickering windows, unresponsive menus problem I had which turned out to be hardware. Part of the post regarding lost USB led me to check what I had connected. I found I had plugged a usb memory stick into a different usb port than I normally use, removing it sorted my issue (probably a usb standard incompatiblity).

    The full set of symptoms bj has does not sound like graphics driver imo but hey stranger things have happened.
  3. TeonT

    TeonT TS Rookie

    Had the same problem...had a lil camera plugged into my USB. Unplugged that and it went away instantly
  4. TaylorStreet

    TaylorStreet TS Rookie

    I know this topic is fairly old, but I found it while I was trying to find an answer, as I was having the exact same problem. Gbhall's response helped me figure out the problem. I remembered that I had something plugged into my USB that I did not really have set up properly. When I plugged it in a while back, it said to search for a driver to install it, and I just said No because I was too impatient, and wanted to get to doing other things on the computer. Once I unplugged it, all the problems were fixed.

    I suggest looking at the front and back of your computer, and look for anything that's plugged in that could be causing a problem. Even try unhooking everything aside from your mouse, and see if it does anything. If it isn't fixed, then you know it isn't any of the random hardware. If it is fixed, then it is a simple process of elimination.
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  5. Reista

    Reista TS Rookie

    I too know that this topic is old XD But as I had just sat here uninstalling mouse drivers for my G600, keyboard drivers for my SS Merc Stealth and running a buttload of anti-virus and malware scans and coming up empty I turned to google to solve this odd problem. Turns out someone else was feeling my pain too!

    I had a dinky little SD card camera (by dinky I mean 1 inch wide, 2 inches tall, an inch thick) that I had plugged in today to charge. It's used as a motorcycle helmet camera for those wondering. It was 3am and I was trying to get my homework done and couldn't use the menus because they would close, couldn't use my right click menu because it would close, and chrome's window kept flickering. Right clicking on the taskbar however did NOT have a menu that closed (discovered when opening task manager)

    Unplugged the camera after reading about usb stuff being a possible fix and all the problems were gone. *tips top hat*

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 sp1
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  6. LPelletier

    LPelletier TS Rookie

    @Reista I just had the same issue! Took me a couple of hours of scanning, testing, etc. Then read your post & realised I had a new little USB camera plugged into a USB port. Unplugged, and voilà!
    All better. Many thanks for your post
  7. MikeF

    MikeF TS Rookie

    Interesting all the different symptoms and cures. Nobody has mentioned broken video cables [from computer to monitor] or broken video ports [where video cable plugs into computer]. Maybe everyone so far is on laptops without external monitors?

    Anyway, my flickering problem started suddenly in the middle of a work session last week. I immediately suspected one of the above [cable or port], since I've had one or two die on me over the decades. My current setup is laptop + 2 external TVs used as monitors, with the laptop screen disabled--the laptop is a desktop replacement, pending building a new desktop later this week.

    I disconnected the affected TV and attached the other [using its own cable]--still got the flickering, so not a TV or cable problem. Assumption: VGA port was bad. I got a HDMI cable [from TV's HDMI port to laptop's HDMI port] and the problem disappeared, so assumption very probably correct.

    Only odd result was my TV would no longer work at the 1920x1080 I've used for a year or so--the desktop suddenly became slightly too big for the screen, so eg title bars at top no longer visible and vertical taskbar half-off the screen. Changing down a notch to iirc 1768x992 fixed that. Probably something about HDMI [I haven't researched it yet], since my 2nd TV connected via docking station DVI was fine at 1920x1080 through all this.

    Alienware M18xR2 [dual GeForce 675m graphic cards] Win7 x64 Home Premium SP1
  8. gng4life67

    gng4life67 TS Rookie

    I can't believe this! Same here, windows flashing, flicking, menus disappearing, etc. I start uninstalling the last few programs installed, checking drivers, Aero settings, etc. and then I found this site. I had a small XD card in a reader that I didn't even know was there, I took it out and away goes the flickering. Crap! Good call to whomever found it and posted it! Thanks so much!
  9. I was having this problem, I had recently bought a usb stick spy cam that I had plugged into a usb hub. I unplugged it and the problem stopped. hope this helps.
  10. Found out the usb transmitter to my wireless Logitech trackball was causing this. thanks for the tips that led to the solution.
  11. Good call on the usb device cause, Had an empty card reader plugged in to my hub, unplugged it and the issue was gone.
  12. maxrempel

    maxrempel TS Rookie

    Same here, windows were flashing every few min - they would flicker and randomly switch from one to another. If a fall down menu was open, it would close.
    I have windows 7 laptop, windows reinstalled about 2 years ago, loaded many programs, so I don't know which one to blame. Recently installed Macro Scheduler, and while uninstalling had problems removing everything - it seemed to have left something behind. In any case, I have toon on an advice to switch to a default Win 7 aero theme and this seems to have solved the flickering problem. It doesn't flicker for already 20 min now. I do have a wireless mouse, it worked fine for years, but started misbehaving once in a while, so USB story also might play in here.
  13. Kirryl Tarunin

    Kirryl Tarunin TS Rookie

    Ive encountered a similar problem whereby:
    -current window was flashing
    -everything would deselect
    -scrolling stopped every 3 seconds
    -window popped up for split second (unable to read)
    I looked through the suggestions on this thread and it turned out to be a pesky USB flash drive that was somehow causing the system to go haywire
  14. I owe you guys big-I was going crazy with the same problem! I was contemplating a reformat since this wouldn't go away even after doing a drive recovery. Thanks again
  15. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,128   +982

    Lookup "Replacing User Profile".

    The users profile, %USERPROFILE% points to the user's location on HD.
    The file NTUSER.DAT (usually hidden) is actually the CURRENT_USER registry file itself.
  16. Same problem caused by bad USB stick
  17. cliffordcooley

    cliffordcooley TS Guardian Fighter Posts: 9,715   +3,693

  18. I've just had a similar problem in Windows 8
    It Seems to be a program / service constantly starting and stopping

    I started Taskmanager and went to services, sorted after start/stop an scrolled Down to the one flashing between start and stop.

    In My case it was Symantec antivirus, so after reinstalling that program - I have no problems
  19. Same problem here, no USB fault

    The problem appeared when I tried to install utorrent; I wasn't able to install utorrent and the active window started flickering

    I checked active processes and cryptoprevent kept sometimes appeared twice so I uninstalled cryptoprevent app and the flickering stoppedd immediatly
  20. Did it occur to anyone that it may be a Microsoft "bullet to the head" for Windows 7? It seems Windows 10 is being pushed on us rather heavily. Maybe more heavily then we realize.
  21. Here's an interesting solution! I pushed through typing 2 letters, clicking the mouse, typing a few more letters, clicking the mouse, over and over until I finished that last post. After I submitted the post, the problem went away. I'm sure it's only gone temporarily but it seems a little strange. I didn't have to click the mouse once to type this entire post.
  22. Sall Nyar

    Sall Nyar TS Rookie

    I figured out what it was for me. Mine only had this problem with one account. It was a single file in the profile.

    To figure this out, create a new user (this assumes that you have a user that isn't affected by the problem and can be used to fix the other accounts), and go into the user folder in windows explorer from the new folder.

    Open up a window with the affected use and one with the new user.

    Start copying folders from the affected user to the new user.
    When something goes haywire go into the original account that still works and delete that folder from the new account.

    Then go back to the new account (hopefully it is up and running since the problem folder has been removed from that account).

    Then repeat this process until all the good folders are copied over.

    Then open up the two user folders and copy each folder inside the affected folders until you have a problem again, and go into the original account that still works and fix it.

    Repeat until you know which files are the problem. (Hopefully it isn't super important)

    Delete it!

    Celebrate with a tasty beverage
  23. Dcstup

    Dcstup TS Rookie

    I had the same issue and resolved it by uninstalling the keyboard and mouse drivers and then reinstalling them.
  24. Techi2125

    Techi2125 TS Rookie

    Problem solved. It was my Western Digital external drive. Unplugged, then plugged in again and flickering is gone. Check ALL your USB connections.
  25. Ebenezer

    Ebenezer TS Rookie

    I too get the same problem when the CPU Utilisation goes beyond 70% for a while.

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