Windows 7 on MSI laptop. Won't boot

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Dec 5, 2009
  1. Hi,

    I just got an msi laptop, a5000, and the first time I turned it on when everything loaded the screen went crazy. I had that problem before because I installed windows 7 on my desktop and the same thing happened. I restarted it and when I was downloading google chrome it happened again, so I restarted and now it won't boot. It tuns on but the screen stays black and nothing shows up. The led with the moon is lit up so I'm guessing it's "sleeping" but I have no idea how to get it to boot. People have told me thay maybe something's loose. But I don't know.
    Has the screen problem with windows 7 happened before? Is it the video drivers?
    How do I get it to turn on :(.

    Pleeeeeeease :(
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    did you run the 7 upgrade advisor? many older laptops cannot run 7. There are display driver issues. I had to give up on my old laptop and reinstall XP.
  4. smabdo

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    It's not old. I got the laptop on tuesday and it came with windows 7. I tried what the other post said except for opening it. If i open it to tighten the ram and HDD will it void the warranty? Is there any sticker that'll break as soon as I open it?
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    I opened it and i took the ram out and put it back and it still won't boot.

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    If the above guide did not help, then it sounds like hardware issue
    If you have warranty (I expect yes) then please contact where you bought it from
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