Windows 7 Ultimate: RSAT - Active Directory Tools Installation

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Current Vista versions of RSAT wont install on Windows 7 Ultimate Beta and I could not get the old Adminpack working by registering the required DLLs.

Does anyone have any ideas about getting the active directory users and computers tool working correctly on windows 7?

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The RSAT tools are not available for the MSDN/TechNet/Public beta environment. The suite is currently being tested in the private beta program. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Ned Pyle [MSFT]
MS Enterprise Platforms Support - Beta Team

beta tools are now available for download!


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Yukka, Have you got Active Directory Users and Computers MMC Snap-In to work in Windows 7 Beta? I have taken the following steps with no luck.

Action: Download RSAT for Windows 7 Beta.
Result: Installed fine but no Users and Computers Snap-In

Action: Install Windows 2003 Adminpak.msi and manually registered all .DLL files.
Result: Active Directory items listed but when added give error.
(MMC cannot initialize the snap-in.
Name: <unknown>
CLSID: {E355E538-1C2E-11D0-8C37-00C04FD8FE93}



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once you install the rsat pack for windows 7 you need to add the snapins using "add and remove windows features" in "program features" via the control panel.

hope that helps.
After Installing RSAT

After installing the RSAT patch for Windows 7, rather than simply opening an MMC and adding the snap-ins, which can be annoying, you should perform the same steps you did in Vista. See below for the steps.

1. Go to "Start" > "Control Panel"

2. Go to "Programs and Features"

3. On the left side of the screen go to >

4. Expand the "Remote Server Administration Tools" and choose the items you wish to use.


5. Your selected RSAT items will then show up under "Administrative Tools" rather than having to create one or multiple MMC's.

Hope you find this post useful.

Can anyone tell me how to get CMAK installed on windows 7. i found this link from microsoft but it doesnt help at all:
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