Windows 8 beta to full Windows 8 Pro

By kevin lee
Oct 27, 2012
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  1. Hi new to the forum so please excuse if I have not posted this question in the correct place.

    I work in the touchscreen market so have been looking forward to the release of Win 8 for some time. Currently I have a Fujitsu Life book T900 with a Wacom digitizer and pen plus dual touch touchscreen running windows 7. I set up my laptop to be a dual boot system some time ago and have been using the 2nd partition to be win 8 since it was released as a beta. I updated with the latest beta version of win 8 a few weeks ago. This was so that I could show the merits of the Baanto shadowsense touch technology at a trade show in Spain (I.e. we don’t need software or drivers so we just work).This went down very well. However, much of what I have on my laptop does not work with the latest beta version of win 8 because the drivers are not in the opp system (the dual touch screen and digitizer for one) so I don’t want to upgrade my win 7 to be win 8 untill I know all my hardware will work with the new release but I would like to use the released version of Win 8 which Wacom tell me will now have drivers that will allow the touch and digitizers to work. So my question is can I used the win 8 pro upgrade (and low price deal) to upgrade the beta version of win 8 already installed in my laptop? Or do I have to get a full new install version (and even then can I dual boot with it)? The documentation says that I can upgrade from XP, vista and win 7 but obviously does not say I can upgrade from win 8 beta but often Microsoft do have allowances for this sort of thing. Does anyone know or if have tried it can you give me some feedback.
    Thanks for the help.
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