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Windows 8 removes need for 'F8' key, advanced boot menu redesigned

By Rick · 36 replies
May 23, 2012
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    Those words should live in Infamy. INFAMY!

    You now have NO OPTION but to choose "Agree" if you want ANY MAJOR OEM system TO EVEN BOOT - PERIOD! They don't even let you have the chance to install a different system, access the UEFI Firmware, boot from USB devices--or even a swapped-out hard drive--or pretty much ANYTHING else until AFTER--you got it--A*F*T*E*R you agree to their usurious licenseS, plural--one for Microsoft and one for the OEM. Otherwise you own a GIANT, VERY EXPENSIVE PAPERWEIGHT.

    Call me pastoral, backwards, ignorant--I don't care--but something about this seems very, very, VERY wrong in so many ways. Ethically, legally, democratically--and especially ergonomically, this arrangement is abhorrently perverse.

    I want my interrupt keys back. Or similar--something I can do BEFORE the OS loader gets involved.

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  2. Goldark

    Goldark TS Rookie

    If you saying that every task in windows 8 is harder then in windows 7 it show that you didnt take the time to learn it cos your totally wrong most of stuff you do in windows 7 can be done the same way if you know how.
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  3. Zoltan Head

    Zoltan Head TS Booster Posts: 245   +27

    If you could do things the same way in Windows 7, why would you need to know how?:confused:
  4. Pan Wah

    Pan Wah TS Enthusiast Posts: 122   +27

    I took time to learn it, thought "what the heck are M$ smoking", then restored the disk image of Windows 7 which (thank goodness) I made before downgrading upgrading. :)
  5. Goldark

    Goldark TS Rookie

    Your totally right guess I didnt explain with the right word as usual,let me say it again the right way xD.
    What I wanted to say is that most of the stuff in windows 7 can be done in windows 8 and that half of it is actually easier in windows 8 actually if you know how.By example if you want to access the most used tools in windows 8 just need to go in the left corner then do a rigth click and youll see a quick access list to the commonly used tools.

    I do agree that the métro interface isnt for everyone should have gave us the choice to go classic menu or métro.
  6. JCitron

    JCitron TS Rookie

    That's why I installed the Classic 8 menu from source forge. At least when I'm in desktop mode, I can still access things the old way. I agree though things are much faster and easier too in Windows 8.

    Like anything else, it'll take time for people to get used to something new.
  7. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 12,816   +1,518

    "Personally, I find not being able to invoke the menu with a key during boot cumbersome. Microsoft makes a decent point though: they chose not to do this because Windows 8 will also appear on touchscreen devices that have no physical keyboard. What do you think?"

    Stinks. This is a consequence of One Size Fits All software. Would appear that MS is convenienced that the whole world is a cellphone or tablet. Someday - - but NOT in Win/8s life time.
  8. Pan Wah

    Pan Wah TS Enthusiast Posts: 122   +27

    Surely not - I "upgraded" and tried Windows 8 very thoroughly, it was slower and less productive, that's why I returned to Windows 7, and noticed an immediate improvement (I also use Open Suse and Snow Linux, Windows 7 is nearly as quick, Windows 8 just isn't :- that's all on the same hardware, multibooted). Now I keep Windows 8 in a Virtualbox, where it belongs!) ;)
  9. Need to easily select Safe *before* booting Windows

    This is a step backwards, to have to first attempts and fail to boot Windows (with risks of malware integration, file system damage) before the system "knows" to offer boot options, or so you can set the next boot to boot into Safe Mode.

    It should be easier to interrupt the boot process and select Safe or Safe Cmd, than "nuke the whole installation" or "refresh Windows and also blow away all my installed software".

    Then again, MS doesn't "get" safety, or rather, compromises it for convenience. So we have a RAM tester that writes results of RAM defects to disk and then shows the log after booting Windows (all of which is done through the bad RAM). We also have a Safe Mode that runs whatever is integrated as "screen saver", e.g. while left unattended to do anti-malware scans.

    I'm hoping the option to use the Windows 7 "legacy" boot menu will fix this - not because it's what I'm used to, or because I "don't want to learn anything new", but because I want access to non-destructive troubleshooting with a minimum of collateral damage.
  10. 1. We had an issue where once we got into a tablet's menus, we couldn't factory reset it. This was solved by plugging a USB mouse in. Apparently sometimes the recovery menu doesn't have the drivers installed. Awesome! Support couldn't figure it out for awhile, so it's a relatively obscure issue, although we're sure it happened with another device (we had an extra mouse plugged in, but it was a composite keyboard driver). We were shipped a replacement device in that instance.

    2. Start menus, etc. ARE the way of the past. Just like everyone that's been using "classic desktop" and other "classic" features of Windows for years, you're behind. Linux, OS X, and Windows itself are moving beyond the ways of Windows NT/2000, and now XP too. In 5 years everyone will insist that Start menus are dumb and anyone that still has one on their computer is "running an old hunk of junk that's too archaic to even understand".
    2.1 Honestly, I moved from XP to OS X because it was getting behind. When 7 came out, I loved it and went back. I press "Windows Key" then type out what I want, then press enter. The Start menu is just a waste of space that I accidentally click into and wander around for a while before realizing to go back and search what I want.
  11. Fernandoh

    Fernandoh TS Rookie

    How to reset to factory settings if after entering the log in password nothing happens.
    With the ctrl-alt delete I get a menu but any of those goes to a black screen. and no combination of keys works. winkey +I, etc.
    So I don't get access to any of the menus in this article
  12. stansfield

    stansfield TS Enthusiast Posts: 86   +14

    The F8 option can easily be restored in both w8 and 10 using the following administrator cmd

    bcdedit /set {default} bootmenupolicy Legacy

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