Windows 8 to integrate mobile broadband, simplify wireless connections

By Shawn Knight · 5 replies
Jan 23, 2012
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  1. Windows 8 will make it easier for users to manage Wi-Fi and mobile connections. Group program manager on Microsoft’s devices and networking team Billy Anders has published a post on…

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  2. Awesome! I hate the software that comes on the dongles alot of the time, it either crashes for no reason or just takes control of all wireless connections to your computer.

    Glad to see Microsoft are making an effort in this area.
  3. cool cool cool......
  4. can they donate some money to my banana republic dictator so I can get rid of this slow *** 384 connection ?
  5. not sure if my drivers are unique or not, but after installing my wireless on windows 7 desktop machine, connecting to wireless only takes about 3 secs... it scans and finds signal almost immediately, i click it and say join and in about 1-2 secs its connected.
  6. I assume the speed increase is connecting to mobile 3G connections . . .

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