Drivers Windows can not load my device driver for my C270 Logitech webcam

Bought a new Logitech webcam C270 Have installed, uninstalled several times then went online with logitech support and we uninstalled again and then downloaded from their website. In device manager under the tab imaging devices it gives us the error message that Windows can not load my device driver for my Photosmart C6200 or for my Logitech C270 webcam.

We did an uninstall and reinstall and it still says that. The support tech said that is all he could do that I would have to go to Gateway and download my OS driver. Talked to them but they can't help me because it would cost a fortune because my computer is older and not covered under their plan.



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Since both devices show as not being able to load the driver, have you tried uninstalling the Photosmart C6200 software as well?
Could be there is a conflict between the 2 drivers.

If that does not help, it could be a problem with the USB port setup, so updating the motherboard drivers[/URL] is indeed a next step.