Windows Explorer fails to delete and create then hangs

By ejit
Sep 2, 2010
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  1. Hi all and thanks in advance for helping out a computer novice. I am aware of other hanging problems but think this is different.
    After a few years of perfect running, I am now experiencing problems with WE. I am running Vista SP1 on a Compaq, AMD 64x2 4400+ DC, 2.3GHZ,2GB RAM.

    1)Every time I try and delete a file, it goes through the motions and the deleting box appears, but the processing bar never fills up and the box just sticks, with the little icon still moving. I hit cancel and it does the same thing. I have to then go to task manager to cancel the operations, then the whole screen flashes, the icons disappear and do not return, until i log off and then log in. The weird thing is that the file has been deleted as i wanted.
    2) When I try and create a new folder or rename one, the action icon on the mouse looks like something is happening, but nothing happens. I'll then go to task manager, cancel WE and eventually get back into it and there is the new folder or renamed folder.

    please help as I'm getting very frustrated.

    This has started around the time I moved to and installed IE8-is it related, as I have been told I should be using chrome or firefox?

    security is from microsoft security essentials. I did have norton, but let that lapse as didnt fancy paying loads again- are these related?

    any advise gratefully received, but please bear in mind I am only a novice when it comes to computers, so you may have to explain exactly what to do.

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  3. ejit

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    thanks for the advise. I am awaiting a new hard drive to back up all my data and then i will try it. i'll let you know if it works.

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