Windows explorer: slow network browsing

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Feb 13, 2007
  1. I am using windows explorer to browse a network drive. The folder in question contains 130,000 .xml files. When I open the folder explorer builds each .xml icon taking a 5 to 10 seconds per page. This makes it impossible to scroll through the folder. This only occurs with folders containing .xml.
    I have tried copying the folder to the local PC with the same result. I have also checked do not cache icons which speeds up the process but doesn't fix the issue. I have also changed the file association to notepad and internet explorer, same issue.

    I am using a windows xp sp2 laptop but the issue occurs on all computers when trying to browse folders with .xml files.

    Thanks for any help.
  2. tomrca

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    check to see if there may be excess processes running, try defrag, if none of these work go HERE
  3. bcoleman6

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    Thanks, the issue occurs on a fresh windows install on both XP and 2000.
  4. PuterGeekGirl

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    When I've seen this happen before, it was due to Provider Order being setup in a strange order.

    You can get to this by opening the Network connections window, go to advanced/advanced settings/provider order.

    I would make sure things in there look correct for the type of network you are on.

  5. HSC

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