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Windows Feezes during boot

By lucan ยท 5 replies
Feb 4, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    I'm fairly confident I've contracted a virus or something along those lines, last night a message popped up saying a virus may have been contracted and I needed to update my software.

    I didn't think it was serious and turned off my laptop as it was late.

    Now my system hangs in the main XP boot page.
    This page:

    I tried a system repair but right at the end, it says a disk cannot be found

    Shortly after I get a BSOD

    And here I am on my GFs laptop.

    HELP, I have many files I'd like to keep, my disk was nearly full before this happened and I have no idea how to remove a HD from a laptop, is this the only thing I can do now though?

  2. Jskrilla

    Jskrilla TS Rookie

    Have you tried booting in safe mode? If a virus is preventing you from booting, you may still be able to access all your data/files using safe mode.
    1. When you power on your pc, it should bring you to a Boot Menu since you were unsuccessful booting earlier; Select "safe mode".
    2. Next it will start loading and bring you to a login screen. After you login, it will ask you if you would rather use "Safe Mode" or "System Restore"; Select "yes" for safe mode.
    3. Once you are in safe mode, you should be able to retrieve your data. CAUTION! The data that you retrieve on this machine may be infected and should be scanned before using on another system!

    Once your data is safe, you can try cleaning the pc or just restore it to the factory image.
  3. lucan

    lucan TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Hi, thanks for your reply, tried booting in safe mode and hangs right at the end.
    Tried using the win xp pro cd, when trying to repair my disk isn't visble and I get BSOD,
    When using chkdsk I get the the problems cannot be fixed or something along those lines....

    I booted using bartPE and a few demo recovery programes, but my old HD files are not visible?

  4. lucan

    lucan TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Also, when during Install Windows XP Pro setup using the CD
    Its says no disk is found??

    Its kind of lke my old OS doesn't exist now??
  5. Jskrilla

    Jskrilla TS Rookie

    If you weren't able to view the hard drive in xp setup or barts pe, it makes me suspect the hard drive is having issues. Question1: What kind of laptop do you have? I know that Dell and HP have built in diagnostics that will determine whether or not the hard drive is working properly. Question2: Does your Barts PE disk "see" the hard drive but not the files? Or does it not show the hard drive at all?
  6. lucan

    lucan TS Rookie Topic Starter



    I have a toshiba satellite pro laptop.

    Bart PE doesn't see the exiitng HD at all, my brother has helped a bit and I'm running ubuntu at the moment, acurrently Im recovering all my files to an external HD. And I want to completely clean/wipte the existing OS but even that option wasn't available before, so why would it work now.

    I tried using the free virus/malware removal apps in one of he stickies but it won't run on this "ubuntu" OS.

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