Windows has detected an IP address conflict


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Im using a verizon wirleess USB modem (verizon wireless usb551l). It has been working fine for the last month, all of a sudden i start getting this

"windows has detected an ip address conflict"

Ive spoken to verizon, we were nice enough to allow me to get a new device after we spent an hour troubleshooting and still the same problem. Im connected for about 8 minutes then i disconnect and get the pop up with the error. I have been told that i have a windows 7 issue. Im not sure where to look or what do to? any help would be great, thanks in advance

ive tried resetting the IP address, reinstalled software. idk what else to do!


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Where did you reset the IP address? I mean in which device did you reset the IP address?


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So you reset the IP in windows, but the issue may reside in your router. Is your router is a mobile device, you know the kind you might use while roaming with a laptop? Do you have more than one device that accesses the internet at the same time as your computer with this device? I took a second look at what you wrote, and it probably is a roaming type device.

Did you use "ipconfig release/" or did you use ipconfig /release *con*, because "ipconfig release/" will not work. I understand if you used ipconfig /release *con* and just didn't remember exactly what you used, I had to look it up. ;) And the renew command would be ipconfig /renew.

So at this point my first guess would be that you have multiple devices (maybe the second device is your wireless phone?) connected to your router (your router can probably act as a hotspot) and your computer is set to request a specific IP address that is normally reserved for the router to dole out as it pleases. If you set your computer to request a specific IP address you'll either need to change that specific address or allow your router to assign an IP address for you.


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i have not tried the one with the *con*, i just did. lets see how it goes.

and yes i do have multiple devices, at home a have my wireless network, then when im on the go i se im usb mobile device aka hotspot. its not through my phone tho, i actually purchased access to their wireless network. the frustrating things is that it works on my pc at home just fine, but it wont work on my laptop. it disconnects, thats why i assume the problem is within windows.......


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OK, maybe there is an issue with windows. Your laptop may be requesting a specific IP address instead of allowing your router to assign one to it. You can check if this is true by following this link. Basically you want your router to automatically assign an IP address for your laptop. If you take a look at the link above, how to do that should be very clear.

I've requested specific IP addresses from my router when I was updating the firmware on that device. That way when the router rebooted, I didn't have to get lucky to get the same IP address again, and I could continue working on the router's admin page with little issue. Maybe you've done the same thing or something similar, but if you don't understand how the request works or the IP addresses you're allowed to request, then you can accidentally get IP conflicts. I know that I've requested IP addresses I wasn't supposed to and ended up with conflicts.


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ok...i gave up. tried that no sucess....i did a complete system restore, and now it works with no problems.

after the reboot i remember i installed some programs from pirate bay and messed with the HOST file...i wonder if that was it....ohh well, too late now :'(


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Why not hard code the IP. That would resolve all of the problems and make port forwarding and such much easier.

Doctor John

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If your Vista laptop has a static IP address set on it, and it happens to be the same as an existing IP address in use on the router, and then if the XP laptop is set to a different static address or DHCP, that would reproduce these symptoms?


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fml its happening again...

ok I dont think its possible to hard code the IP using the USB internet modem, now im just thinking this is just a piece of crap device that verizon has put out in the martket. from the reviews it seems im not the only one witht his problem


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Goto your network settings. IF you have more than one adapter disable the unused ones. Forcing network adapters to have the same ip address with cause that problem. Windows doesn't guess which one to use.


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I would say reset router from the hole at the back of the router then ipconfig/release and renew like u did before . then disable firewall as when you put static ip you also need to put that in your firewall and see if problem then persists if it does then your mobile dongle is conflicting with your router ip and computer ip as you know , I had this problem with a tmobile dongle . I would then say uninstall your mobile one and reinstall if you have the disc etc


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At the back of The Router their should be a tiny hole use a paperclip or something small and sharp and press it which will reset it that's all I have to say.


Avoid ALL manual settings if at all possible. If you let the router do its DHCP thing, this will not occur.
We get into trouble when we try to set a static/fixed IP address on a system (typically when we need a server w/port forwarding) and we forget to set the IP outside the router's DHCP range.

set the range to something line 2-20 and set any server(s) at 100 and above :)