Windows has recovered from a serious error

By Ezrie
Jan 21, 2010
  1. Hello. I am new to the boards, but I could really use some help. I have a new computer and this morning I was greeted with the message in the title. The event viewer has an error last night in category "102" I have attached the minidump as well. Any help is more than greatly appreciated.

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  2. Route44

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    Your error is 0xD1 and these are typically cuased by faulty drivers. Your minidump related the following:

    Your Intel wireless driver ele5132.sys is unable to load and the dump points to the PC Tools driver pctgntdi.sys as the cause of blocking this driver and the cause of your issues.

    Note this link (for information only):
  3. Ezrie

    Ezrie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks you very much. That is very helpful.
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