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Windows Home Server increasing system partition

By Arturo Rivas
Aug 25, 2012
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  1. Hi, I am installing windows home server 2003, the default system partition is only 20 GB, I found some threads online about changing that when installing, I did it, and it seem to work, the problem came when I added another hard drive, the whs console adds it correctly but when I check on my computer it doesn't show, it only shows the partitions of the master HD (it should show the increase in the secondary partition D:\xxxxx new size) Has anyone deal with this issue?

    BTW here is the link of the forum where its discussed how to do it. they also mention a registry key, it would be nice to know if there is any other key to check for the correct volume of the new sizes
  2. Arturo Rivas

    Arturo Rivas TS Member Topic Starter

    Hello (to anyone that maybe will read this thread) I installed windows server and I was able to make it run with the new partition, now I am facing a small detail. I dont remember how the default configuration is (regarding partition and HDD) everything is working smoothly, but (there is always a but) I just added a new drive to the pool. The pool increased, but when I open windows explorer the drive "D" tells me the size is 126 GB and free space 389 GB, I am not sure if it should show 488 GB because that is my storage space (I am attaching a screen capture)

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