Windows installation cannot recognize my hard drive

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A friend of mine brought me a fujitsu siemens laptop (amilo pro) with a Samsung Sata HM060II hard drive that was not logging into windows xp. I ve put it into a usb case and run a virus scan on it that cleared the virus and the disk was working properly. When i logged in windows i ve notice so many spyware that i tried to format the drive immediately.On my friends laptop the win xp installation disk wouldnt recognise any hard disks so i ve tried installing it on the drive as an external usb drive from my laptop.The installation failed with a blue screen for hardware failure. I bought a new hard drive (Samsung SATA HM160HI) that i partitioned and formatted. ( primary, NTFS). Neither XP or Windows 7 installation recognize it. i can work on it from my laptop as an external usb drive. i ve run several diagnostic tools from my friends laptop with a boot cd and every software recognize it, give me details, scan it for errors. The bios even recognize it.
I need to install an OS on it!
any ideas or suggestions? i ve been working for a week on it. its getting exhausting.


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Is the hard drive seen in the bios? Is the SATA controller properly enabled and configured in the bios?
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yeah the hard drive is seen in the bios. now about the sata controller in there..........cant be really sure............have no idea how to check that.....!


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there may be an option to set the primary disk to SATA or something similar. if the installation disks do not detect any hard disks try deleting the partition with another computer and then try running the setup disk(s) again.


I have dealt with this issue too. It depends on model and make but generally the problem had to do with SATA / AHCI. In one laptop I had to turn off caching for Windows to even boot in and recognize the hard drive. It's a lot of pita. Tinker around with BIOS and see if that's the case, assuming all your hardwares are fine.
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well....thx for all of ur answers.....although i didnt manage to do anything with it yet........if any1 knows....if i use another hard drive with windows installed is it possible for it 2 work? cause the installation dont recognise the hard disk but if i let it "boot" from HD it says that operating system is missing.
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