Windows installer corrupted

By frmarine
Mar 29, 2009
  1. OS>xp>sp3 : mis got corrupted somehow months ago. can't find xp cd-rom to try a repair & can't ge another one. its a custom built pc. am going to do a farstone sys restore back to the first static point. would like to do an image disk save of the entire hard drive or at least save the browers,docs, files, etc. if i save this to a usb stick, would'nt the corrupted mis be on the usb stick & still be corrupted after i restore it back? i've tried all the msoft corrupted mis solutions & none worked. could'nt try the msoft cleanup utility because it uses the mis. was told the sys restore is the only solution. also, how can i save all the emails in outlook express & a windstream email acct. before i restore? THANX for your time/help.
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    What is mis.? ... You can forward all your e-mails to another account that you create? G-mail and Hotmail offer over 5gb of storage space if I'm not mistaken. As for your other files etc, you won't be able to make an image as when you put them back, the corrupted files will still be present. Also, if this "mis" got corrupted a few months ago, I doubt that you'd be able to restore to a point before it. As for not being able to get an XP CD from someone to do the repair, well, that's unfortunate ....

    Spyder_1386 :)
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