Windows Logon = Pain In The Neck Ple Help ! ! !

By james_k1988
Jan 12, 2005
  1. os = win xp pro
    not got SP2
    i'm the only person on my com, never had to logon,dont want to either
    pc name= pain in the ****

    I recently tried 2 set up ICS at my friends house by taking my computer down (which didnt work btw lol) but i was adjusting files and so on and now ive got this strange thing when ui start up and whenever i press CTrl,ALT,DEL. I'll start with when i press control,alt, used to just pop up the task manager but now i get a small window, it closes explorer so its just the window on teh screen an it has 6 buttons, they are

    lock computer log off shut down
    change password task manager cancel

    and at the top of this window it says "windows security" and in teh middle it says logon information an it says my com name an so on. when i start up windows, instead of it starting normally, it says welcome and thats me it comes up a similar window asking me to logon, i can skip it by jsut hitting enter but this has become annoying and it does this when shutting down to,similar windows pops up with a pull down menu asking what i want to do (shut down,restart etc.) any help with this would be much appreciated, thanx :blackeye: :suspiciou
  2. SNGX1275

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    Not sure if this is what you are wanting to do but you can go to ctrl panels, then users, then change the way users log on and off, then uncheck use welcome screen.

    If you are wanting ot not have to enter your password every time (or hit enter if you didn't set one up), you can dl TweakUI from Microsoft (its a free powertoy) and it will have an option in there somewhere (can't be bothered to look right now) that you can check or something to auto login.
  3. james_k1988

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    lol its was as simple as ticking a box. when i wos messin around with the network settins it uncheck the box saying "display the welcome screen" lol thanx 4 teh help

    i'll just go now an bang my head off the wall 4 no realiseing that :knock:
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