Windows/mouse/keyboard/sound locking up-white screen on re-start

By Whited
Mar 18, 2009
  1. Ive been running my computer now for just over 3 years. Ive done a few updates to it in that time but atm my specs are as follows
    Windows Vista 64 bit
    2 gigs (4 512md) ram
    250 gig 7200 rpm HD
    DFI Lanparty nf4 ultra D motherboard
    AMD 64 bit 3800+
    G-force 7950 gt

    The latest thing I updates was my HD. I did this about 8 months ago.

    Basically my problem started 3 weeks ago. I came home, booted up my computer, went to use my internet card (I have a wireless internet card) and it wouldnt connect (as sometimes it doesnt) so I restarted as I normally do only this time it gave me a blank white screen as soon as it rebooted. After a few min of frustration, unplugging, and restarting many times it finally displayed my DFI Lanparty screen upon startup. It went to the option to pick safe mode, so I did, and it went right back to the white screen. So i unplugged it, for the night. The next day i plugged it in, and it worked with no problem at all. It worked up until last night. I came in, booted up the computer, and boom, white screen. I did the same thing I did reboot many times and finally it actually came up to the desktop. I got on the internet, started browsing for solutions to the problem and it froze up on me. No mouse, no keyboard (both are USB) and my sound kept having a clicking static noise. I restarted and got the white screen. I left it sit for about 30 min and tried again, and it froze on my in about the same time (around 10-15 min). So I did this for about 3 hours and then decided to give up. I shut down for the night. I came here during lunch today and tried to boot up again. It booted fine, but It froze again in 30 min. So I unplugged it and went back to class (A-school for AD, Navy). I came back just now, booted it up, and for the past hour its been fine. I'm in the process of downloading a new driver thats taking a painstakingly long time at an average of 13k a second but its getting there. (internet cards...) Anyone have a possible theory on what might be making this happen? I can supply any information you need. I was thinking my graphics driver, as to why i'm updating, but why would it be randomly doing it now when it never did it before? So maybe the actual hardware.? My motherboard has LED light diagnostics on it and the 1 red light indicates VGA startup. It usually is off when the system is fine, but it was on while I was having this problem.

    Plz help!?!?
  2. Whited

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    Ok, I just had the computer running over night. It seems that when connected to the internet (Via Alltell Wireless Internet card) after about 30 or so min I completly lock up and cannot restart. What could this be? I have a few friends that have the same card and never produced this issue.
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