Windows Movie Maker lagging issues

By Hiroshi Mishima
Feb 23, 2009
  1. (Sure hope this is in the right forum)

    Okay, I do Let's Play videos over at YouTube, and lately, I've been having problems with Windows Movie Maker. Sometimes the video file will skip frames or lag in places during playback (before saving the movie file). Normally it isn't a problem because it is rare under normal circumstances. However, sometimes I need to do a sped-up video (for episodes longer than 10 minutes), in which case I typically just stick some game music in.

    Basically, my problem is that during most 2x and 4x sped up videos, the footage begins to lag and skip over segments with an alarming frequency. I can watch a part, see it, then watch it again and it's gone, only for it to come back again when I've saved the video file.

    Does anyone have any suggestions that could help me? I record my movies using CamStudio (with and without audio), so if it has something to do with that, that'd be nice to know. I use CamStudio because I find it works well on my computer, and it's simple to use.

    Before anyone asks, yes, I have version 2.1 of Windows Movie Maker. I also have up to Service Pack 3 for Windows XP Professional.
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