Windows root\system 32\hal.dll error message

By MovieTall1
Mar 13, 2009
  1. I got this error message 4 days ago, and still can't figure out a way to get this resolved. I have gone on Google, and other sites to try to find an answer. Here is what I have tried based on what I have read:

    I have my Windows XP CD, and when I put it in, it runs, but nothing else happens. I have gone into the BIOS to make my CDROM the primary boot. I read everywhere that "once you get to the Recovery Console", well I can't even get to that. Each time I reboot, it immediately goes to the error message. I am going to every PC Tech Forum that I can find for help. Some explanations are too technical, and I am new at this. Can someone please help? I have pics, files, etc., that I can't lose. Thanks!
  2. Ididmyc600

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    your Cd may not be one of the many "non bootable" type of drives,

    Option is to replace the CD drive

    Or check its set to MASTER (jumpers on the rear of the drive marked, MAS, SLA,CS) however some drives wont boot unless set to CS, but then ive found some that wont boot unless set to SLA, so its a case of try all 3 postitions.

    Ensure the drive is on the secondary IDE channel and that it is the only device,

    Remove any other drives other than the one you want to rebuild.

    All i can think of, i know its a ***** when you cant get the dam thing to boot from the CD.

    Oh yeah if all else fails try going into the BIOS (F2 or DEL at the boot screen) and checking that the CD is set to be the first bootable device.
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