Windows shuts down autumatically when installing windows XP SP2

By AboodFreestyler
Jun 21, 2010
  1. hello all,
    so i am new to this website and i need your help with my recently built computer.
    my parts are:
    intel i5-750
    mobo: intel dh55tc
    ram: (i think it is kingston) 4gb (2x2) DDR3 1600 mhz
    HDD: WD 500 gb SATA
    optical drive: LG 22x OEM
    gfx card: xfx ATI radeon HD 5770 1GB
    case: silverstone precision
    PSU: coolermaster 650 watts

    i asked the guy in the store to put these parts together for me and he did free of charge(i only asked him because i was in a hurry)
    and now when i put windows XP CD in it only installs for 5 minutes then it shuts down without a reason
    so what do i have to do to make this thing work? i didn't do anything in the bios because when i went to take the computer the guy said that my computer is ready for installing windows and i don't have to do anything in the bios so i only changed the time and date.

    please reply ASAP and im sorry for my weak english language :)
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