Windows System Alert

By shuzzi
Apr 28, 2008
  1. Alright well I found this site looking for an answer to my problem and decided to post so here goes, hope you can help me. I'm all of a sudden getting a system alert icon in my tray on the desktop and it keeps flashing and saying i may have dangerous spyware applications on my comp and that i should download a new application to clean the spyware. If i click the icon it sends me to a site called Virus Heat and that's it. Also, it will send a popup message almost anytime i open internet explorer to download the recommended software. This does not happen when i open firefox. i got the message the other day and I'm in the process of running McAfee virus scan now. I was just wondering if this is normal cause I've never had this message before. If you need any info about my comp I can post it, just tell me what to post. Thanks.
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