Windows unable to boot beyond safe mode screen

By airbornex
Apr 11, 2009
  1. Hi all

    my laptop have been experiencing some problems for quite some time. A few weeks back, it will suddenly boot with the CHKDSK blue screen even though I did not initiate it. It has been like that since then. I was told by a friend that I have bad sectors and reformat should do the trick.

    However, as I am on internship and need my laptop to work, I couldn't find time to do it properly. I have been using the laptop till late afternoon today before it suddenly freezes and reboot itself (which at first I thought as normal as it has been acting like that since the CHKDSK screen appeared).

    Then came the screen which asks you how you want to boot windows as they are unable to boot it. No matter which option I chose (safe mode, with networking, start normally or last good config), it simply just restart and bring me back to the same screen.

    Currently I am using knoppix live cd to copy as much files as possible from the dead system. Can anyone enlighten me just what is going on? What are my options? Will reformat do the trick? or should I send it back to the distributor for repairs?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I just dealt with a computer with the same problem. I tried a FIXMBR in DOS command prompt and was able to boot, but soon discovered that the computer had over 500 viruses. You could also try booting from your Windows CD to do a repair (after you backup your data of course).
    Ubuntu live CD works well for backing up data too.
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    Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Haven't been keeping up due to work load.

    Anyway I decided to go with a reformat and things seemed to go back to normal. Only thing is, a day after the format, my screen went haywire, the colours went wrong and there is latency in the left screen. It is now just like a faulty television. I have been viewing a small part of the screen with my windows in restored size. Think it should be a hardware problem. =(
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