Windows Vista Home Basic 64 bit drivers

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Nov 2, 2014
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  1. I installed windows vista home basic again on my home but now it shows no drivers for ethernet controller,pci serial port,pci simple communications controller,video controller and standard vga graphics adapter. So I went to and downloaded the drivers on a flash and tried to use them but it's not working , :( I thought if I could get online with the computer I could update it and make it work, but ? Let me know what ya think and if you need any other info.
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    Wow 89 views so far and no reply , I tried to install the drivers from that download but it says it was interrupted every time . I did get the broadcomm advanced control suite 2 to install but I got no idea what to do with it.
  3. steelth

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    Ok, I fixed all the driver ,but the PCI serial port driver which I am having a hard time with .The computer is a Hp Compaq 6000 pro. It doesn't find the driver online and all the drivers I have tried don't work . Thx for ANY help
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  5. steelth

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    I figured it out from the intel website thx for your help , I realized that site I linked was wrong after I linked it , and thx again for your help ,,,Problem I had was that the home basic key for that comp. was a 32 bit and I installed 64 bit so the hp website didn't have the drivers listed , so I had to get them in another way . But it all worked out ;)

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