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Windows will not start

By gusgus88
Jul 16, 2008
  1. Hello guys! I am new to this board and upon reading various threads in this page I decided to post my problem, and see if I can get a little light on my problem.

    So this past weekend, I had a little issue with my OS (XP PRO SP3) and had to reinstall it. First, I did the boot install from the original CD for my computer (XP HE). Everything went well. Then I place the XP SP3 CD into the driver to upgrade my OS. So it prompts me to put the serial number and all that stuff before re-booting and start the installation.

    Now here is where the good stuff comes. So the computer rebooted, It asked me whether I wanted to Run "Windows XP Home Edition" or proceed with "Windows XP Professional set up" Since I wanted to proceed with the installation I selected the second choice. Then the Windows logo minimizes as it makes its way to the sep up command. As it tries to retrieve files from the disc, it starts telling me that all these bunch of files are missing. It gives me three options "Retry," "Skip," or "Cancel." As I click retry, it tells me the same thing, that file so and so is missing. So then I click "skip" and it proceeds with another file, and then tells me this other file is missing. So throughout the whole process of extracting the files to install the OS it tells me file missing for 90% of the files. I have installed this before and I've never had any issues. The CD is perfectly clean.

    Then, when it finished installing, it went to a new window where it starts installing the program and you Microsoft advertises the new features on the upgrade. However, as soon as it goes to that window it tells me windows not installed properly, insert your Windows XP Pro SP3 disc, I do insert and I click enter and it will not accept it. So then I click the cancel button. And it the computer shuts down. So I decided to turn on the computer, I see the huge COMPAQ logo, which stays there for about 30 seconds, then my screen goes to complete black.

    However, I do want to inform you that when I first installed XP Home Edition, after the installation, I removed one of my burning drives and replaced it with another one. It seemed to work fine; I was able to run other software installations before upgrading to XP PRO SP3. So the upgrade was being installed through this new hardware.

    I have tried using the bootable disc for XP HOME EDITION, and it does boot to install but it tells me that there's a missing field which I cannot remember right now. But other than that it gives me the option to cancel and turns off my computer.

    HELP! I don't know what else to do? Should I just put my old burner back? I will really appreciate any help.

  2. mailpup

    mailpup TS Special Forces Posts: 7,103   +423

    Try using a different optical drive, one you're confident that it works.

    Also, you can try a different method of installing your Windows XP Pro. It is an upgrade version, correct? Even though it is an upgrade version, you do not have to actually install the qualifying version first. Boot up the XP Pro CD like you are installing it clean and fresh and begin the setup. At some point early in the process it will ask you to insert the qualifying Windows CD to prove you have it but that's all. You don't actually install it. Anyway, after that you continue with the XP Pro install and perhaps that will get you through it.
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