Windows won't load after deleting partition in front of the Windows partition

  1. Ok so I get a new hard drive and decide to install windows on it (XP). I am still keeping my old one, which had 2 partitions (C & D) and my new one had 2 partitions (E &F). I wanted to install this new one while the old one is still installed mainly for backup, because I was also creating the F partition and had backed up everything on my new hdd to my old one. After installing it on the F drive, I then delete my C and D drives and turn them into one, after restarting, my system can't find windows. I figure this is because it was moved down a letter to E, so I go back and split my old hdd back into 2 partitions, and it still doesn't work

    So basically I'm wondering if I have to reinstall or if there is a way to fix this

    Btw I was using partedmagic to do all of my partitioning
  2. Tmagic650

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    Partitioning can be tricky as you now know. It is a bit foolish to back up your C drive on another partition of the C drive. If that drive fails, you loose the backup files too. Another problem with multiple partitions on a single drive is that you loose a lot of valuable space doing this...
    I would start over and install Windows XP fresh. Disconnect any other hard drives until Windows is installed. Have fun updating XP to Service Pack 3 and IE8 :)
  3. DotExistAsterik

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    Thx, I figured I would probably have to clean install
    Lol yeah not to mention I have 60kbps internet speed, just makes it that much longer :/

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