Windows XP boots up, then shuts down

By Columind
Dec 12, 2009
  1. Hi everyone;

    I didn't know exactly if this belonged into the hardware section or the OS section, but it seems to me like this is fit more to this section, and I'm in somewhat need of help.

    My computer, running on a Windows XP with Service Pack 3, automatically shuts down. It boots up, comes to the boot screen, but two seconds later the load bar freezes and it resets.

    I've read this problem around and all of the solutions to this problem seemed to be more of "hardware problems" talking about beeps (which I dont get) and misplaced hardware, but that's not it, because see, I'm posting this from the computer that's actually malfunctioning. Yes, safe mode works. But not without having to get through it a bit differently.

    When I open up Safe Mode, after a short second or so it comes to the part where it's loading a file called "SPTD.sys", and unless I abort the loading (by pressing Escape), it will restart all the same. So by aborting to load that file I managed to bypass the system and reach into safe mode. I think it might be that file with problems.

    This has actually happened to me before around in February, but that was completely without notice. I dont remember if I ever tried to abort the SPTD load again upon attempting to go into safe mode, but I'm sure I don't have to go through that format again.

    A few things about yesterday before when it still worked; I think my computer might had been struck with a virus attack since my F-Secure kept popping up a bunch of permission things of temporary files I never heard of, and more than a few times did it come up with things like "Virus has been successfully removed" that day. Today, my mom cleaned up my computer, and we double-checked everything after we booted it up when it didn't work, everything was right. So this is more than likely an internal problem. I cant open up F-Secure in safe mode either so yeah.

    Anyone know what to do?
  2. scuzzo

    scuzzo TS Rookie Posts: 50

    Have you tried to do a Win XP recover?
  3. pcaceit

    pcaceit TS Rookie Posts: 315

    If you can access safe mode then, uninstall Daemon Tools and Alcohol using "add remove programs"

    Run "chkdsk /f" press "y" to allow disk check at next startup. Restart the system.

    When your system restarts enter safe mode again, If it seems to get stuck Do Not turn off, it is not stuck, it is doing the disk check.
    you will not get a message telling you that it is checking the disk in safe mode so it may appear to be stuck.

    Allow the system to restart automatically into normal mode. if it now starts ok then run "sfc /scannow", if there are any errors you will need to insert your XP Disk to allow the system to replace any corrupted system files.

    Most of your programs will not work in safe mode that's probably why FSecure wont run.

    please give us update
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