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Sep 28, 2008
  1. I have inherited my Father's Dell Dimension 4550 Desktop Computer with Windows XP Home version. I do not what my Father loaded on it. When powering up, the start up took approximately 4 minutes to get to the desktop with the program icons.

    Thinking the slowness was attributed to programs he installed or actions related to e-mail(virus), I uninstalled all rarely used programs through the Control Panel's ADD/DELETE Program.
    Not knowing if he loaded any Service Packs. I went to Microsoft to find out how to acquire the information from the computer. The instructions told me I could retrieve the info through the Control Panels. When I selected the Control Panels, The desktop would automatically reset.
    Reading further Microsoft said if I would need IE6 or above to install a Service Pack. Since there was no copy of IE on the computer, I attempted to load IE7. The program took about 8-10 minutes to load via DSL and even longer to load the program onto the computer. I decided to uninstall IE7 to get back to the state before I started to load IE7. Now the computer does not start up and I can not uninstall IE7. When powering on the computer, I receive the Windows powering up screen then the WELCOME screen, Desktop screen. But the Desktop never populates with the program icons, nor the START button or the bottom status bar. It does not start up in SafeMode. I also received an Unable to Locate Component and Explorer exe. notification windows on the desktop
  2. xLokix

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    did you possibly by accident manually delete or alter Explorer.exe or try to just Delete the IE7 folder or anything like that ?
  3. CCT

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    Just do a Repair Install.
  4. DarrellCoe

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    No I did not do anything accidently. XP does not start up after I loaded IE7 into the computer. I am unable to do anything. At start up, XP does not give me a START button or any program icons on the desktop
  5. DarrellCoe

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    TechSpot Guru,

    Iam new to Windows. Could you please tell me how to do a Repair Install. Does this involve XP starting up ? Because XP is not responding at this time
  6. tw0rld

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    Repair install Instructions here;
  7. DarrellCoe

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    You know everyone recommends inserting the install disk to solve this or that problem or use it to performs certain functions. But what do you do when your computer system came with an Operating System installed and it did not come with an install Disk and the computer is out of Warranty. Are you SOL then?
  8. xzibid

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    If the computer you're posing here from is using windows xp, then, if i remember correctly, you can copy the explorer.exe file from this PC to your USB stick, and then start your damaged PC and after it boots into the desktop press WinKey+R (WinKey is the one on your keyboard with the windows logo) and click the Browse button or Ctrl+Alt+Delete and choose File->Run (or something) in the menu of the window that appeared and click Browse in the next window. Then go to your USB flash drive and find explorer.exe, only instead of opening it right click on it and choose Copy, then navigate to your C: drive right click on the Windows folder and choose Paste. Then click Cancel in the dialog, and type 'explorer' in the Run dialog
  9. DarrellCoe

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    XP not working

    :confused:I am at a lost as to how to accomplish this can copy the explorer.exe file from this PC to your USB stick..., when I am unable to to access START to find the exe program. No offense, I am a MAC person and all this verbage is new to me
  10. xzibid

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    I just had an idea. Try to locate a file named iexplore.exe (or, if your windows hides extensions from you, just 'iexplore'), it should be in the "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer" folder. Run it, if it's there. If that works, try going to microsoft's Windows Update website and installing the servicepacks. If that doesn't work, you have to find someone with Windows XP that comes in the same language as yours. I've uploaded my explorer.exe file just in case, it comes from the russian version of windows xp, though:
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