Windows Xp Freezing On Start Up Most Of The Time

By Jonst
Nov 7, 2005
  1. Will try to explain as best I can
    Any help is appreciated

    My pc seems to keep freezing majority of the time when I start up. Seems to start up desktop then begin to load, then after a few seconds just freezes. Very baffled as it has just started doing this since the other day. Originally I tried a defrag. virus and spyware scans and also a reg cleaner and that did nothing. Then I tried formatting and starting a fresh assuming that would sort the problem but alas, still locking up on startup. At the moment has only frozen on start up and not at any other time, eventually once it loads up without freezing everything runs fine.

    I have also tried removing each piece of RAM at a time and restarting and still froze :-(

    Doesnt appear to be fan related, as the fan doesnt seem to be struggling or making loud noises or anything. Although I wouldnt know what signs to look out for.

    Not really sure what else I can try. Am worried it might cause more damage if i dont find solution asap.

    specs: Windows XP Home with service pack 2
    Pentium 4 3.06Ghz processor
    1.50Gb of RAM

    Please respond with any ideas etc. or email me at

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