Windows XP installation goes bad

By exeon
Jul 26, 2008
  1. So my brother called me telling me he tried re-formating and re-installing windows but something went wrong.
    So I took his PC tower and launched it on.

    When the PC starts, I see the Windows XP logo but it never goes to a desktop, it goes directly to the Windows Installation screen. When Windows installation starts, it goes directly to step 4 (or 5 I forgot) and asks me to insert my Windows XP disk.

    When I do so, it does not work. It re-asks me for the CD (it asks for e:/I386 or something like that).

    Only option is to hit cancel and restarts the computer but it goes back to this in a loop. Tried starting in safe mode, nothing to do. Says Windows cannot start in safe mode.

    It seems something went wrong during installation so I'd like to do a fresh re-install by formating whatever my brother did and re-installing Windows.

    But I have no clue how. How do I "format" without beeing able to go to the command prompt? I obviously tried to start the PC with my Windows CD in the tray but it does not change anything (CD is the first thing Windows boot based on my bios info).

    Any help would be appreciated.
  2. surfersaiyan

    surfersaiyan TS Enthusiast Posts: 100

    you could try getting your hands on a usb->ide adapter, connect his hard drive to your pc as an external drive and format it that way. quicker that doing it by the cd too.
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