Windows XP reinstall w/ broken CD drive

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Oct 8, 2008
  1. Hi, thanks everybody if you respond; it will be a big help.

    My Toshiba M100 Satellite laptop has massive amounts of very evil viruses that the people at the computer store did not manage to fix, so I am just going to totally reinstall Windows. However, one symptom of the viruses seems to be that my CD/DVD player no longer works (or it may simply be broken, hard to say).

    Therefore, I need a way to reinstall XP without the use of a CD drive. I already checked and found that Toshiba does not include a recovery file on the hard disc. I do have my CD and a valid registration key. I am open to any solution, including those involving pirating a copy of XP since I have a license for it anyway.

    Thank you so much.
  2. kimsland

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    Pirate copies also include Trojans/Links to the Author/Corruptions in Windows (ie in Services)

    If your Toshiba M100 Satellite is still under warranty, get a replacement CD/DVD Drive
    Or consider purchasing one (ie what's the use if you can't play CDs or DVDs?

    You may be able to use an external CD Drive too
  3. spanish bombs

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    The problem is that I don't know whether the drive is actually broken or simply infected. My hope is that there is some way to just download a Windows recovery tool, open it, have it ask for me key to make sure I actually own the rights to the software, and then everything will be okay. Otherwise, I should just take my computer to a repair store and tell them to use an external CD drive to reboot me?
  4. nickc

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    have actually tried to boot from the cd/dvd? A virus effects software and cannot live in a drive so u should be able to boot to the cd/dvd and reformat and reinstall Windows, if the drive is not broke.
  5. kimsland

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    If it doesn't run from a Bootable CD, from first turning the computer on, and you have confirmed:

    CD is the first bootable drive in CMOS (usually hit DEL or F2 key at System startup)
    You have tried many other CD's

    Then it must be the Drive, because Windows hasn't even started!
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