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Jan 18, 2009
  1. Hi all, I recently ordered a new motherboard. I installed it without reformatting my computer. windows xp was sluggish for a little while then i had no problems. I ended up reformatting today and XP seemed to be running fine, I installed AVG antivirus. Reboot the machine, now windows takes a while to load at the loading screen. When i do get into windows, the CPU usage is unusally high, even when its not doing anything. This is after I did all the windows updates. I uninstalled AVG and it seemed to help a little bit. I installed GRID and tried to play, but its very choppy and sluggish in the opening movie. Any suggestions?

    Motherboard; MSI P6N SLI Platinum
    Bios: AMI v1.0d 9/27/2007
    CPU: Intel Pentium D Dual Core 3.2 ghz
    RAM: 2GB dual channel PC-4200 DDR2 533mhz
    HD: 160 GB Maxtor IDE
    GPU: eVGA GeForce 8600 GTS Superclocked
    OS: Windows XP SP3
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    There are four things I can think of right off the bat, but that's no indication that they are the best solutions! There's a free program called What's Running that can show you the applications and drivers that are operating, and you can choose which ones not to operate at start up. There's an excellent program called CCleaner that can rid your computer of unnecessary files, and there's a very good free program by Lavasoft called AdAware that can remove spywares that may be "calling home," and that can significantly slow a computer down. There's a free program that can clean out the registry called Glary Registry Cleaner. I've tried it once and it seems to do a good job.

    I tend to do things the hard way, though, and I would probably erase, not just format, but erase the hard drive, then format it, install Windows, and start fresh. It's time consuming, yes.
  3. InSaNeO

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    now how would i go about erasing the HD, then reformatting it. Also, i dont think its adware or spyware, like I said this is a fresh install of xp. Does anyone know what my CPU Temp should be running at?
  4. InSaNeO

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    Actually, I think its my processor overheating. Lastnight in the Bios H/W monitor it showed CPU temp at 95 degrees C, it shut iteself off. the System temp was around 35. I just reseated the heatsink, without applying thermal paste and the pc seems to be running alot faster. Whe ni rebooted it after the reseat the cpu was at about 65-70 C. So I'll go pick up some thermal paste and a new heatsink tomorrow and post my results
  5. BorisandBailey

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    I had no idea you had reseated a heatsink without thermal paste. It just needs a thin layer--paper thin, I've read--but I don't know how to get it that thin, but the heatsink still presses down hard enough to make a good seal and to make it thin. My processor usually runs between 35C and 40C. It should go no higher than 70C, and that's for an AMD Athlon. It does sound like you've located the problem.
  6. InSaNeO

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    yeah I'll let you know tomm when i pickup some paste, I'll prolly put in another heatsink. Also could be that the bios needs to be flashed. bios is AMI v1.0d 9/27/2007
  7. InSaNeO

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    Applied some new thermal paste, cpu temp 50 C now. Everything works great
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