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Windows XP SP2 Blue screen

Jul 26, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Windows blue screens with an IRQ message. The event log says:

    Error code 100000d1, parameter1 325847ac, parameter2 00000002, parameter3 00000001, parameter4 88e445df.

    I have also attached the minidump file. Any help would be appreciated.


    Attached Files:

  2. pdyckman@comcas

    pdyckman@comcas TS Rookie Posts: 527

    I have not looked up your error messages yet, every time I look up these message #'s mostly they tell me "no such message". Doesn't make much sense. I'm gonna look them up and get back though. You need to ask yourself if you have made any changes of any kind recently that may be contributing to this event. That is usually the case. Anything, software especially but not only software. Could be your fan is loose and your cpu is hot or any kind of thing so go through your machine. I usually take mine almost completely apart and reassemble slowly, checking everything. Try other ram module. Test any parts you can on a spare pc.
  3. dr_mcmuffin

    dr_mcmuffin TS Rookie

    acer aspire 1690 computer error

    ok what is wrong with my notbook is that i belive that when i was loading a divice in to the usb port i was running two programs and the computer lagged
    and i just shut it off to get it to stop and that i got a black sreen that had 6 things to chose from like safe mode,safe mode with network,safe mode with somthing els and factory setings and than just start windows normaly

    i have tried all settings and i get to the windows xp loading screen and after i get a blue screen saying somthing about tapping F8 and doing somthing

    but here lies the problem i have the acer disk that brings the computer back to the factory settings but will i lose all my important info i need somone that has had this problem with an acer notbook and that can fix it with out loseing my info is thire any way to keep my files?
  4. tipstir

    tipstir TS Ambassador Posts: 2,425   +112

    What have you installed new prior to getting this error?
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