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Windows XP Stays On Loading Screen on Start Up After Game Freeze on Sims 3

By Raz0rFANE
Aug 28, 2010
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  1. Hi,

    I have a new pc, recently built about 2 weeks ago, and was working fine with everything to anything until I decided to installs the Sims 3, I'll let you know that this first time this problem happened yesterday I formatted my pc and tried it again and have the same results. Heres the details:

    I installed Sims 3 everything fine, then I loaded the game up and on the loading the screen (before choosing the town or load game, to those familiar with the game) and the game froze on the loading, the cursor was still moving and could move it around the screen, but I could not alt f4 or ctrl alt del out of it so I decided to just restart via reset button. THe problems started after this, I loaded up pc again but it was stuck on the Windows XP loading / boot up screen, the loading bar moves but it stay on there continously like in a loop. So i booted in safe mode and it worked, tried the chkdsk in command prompt and restarted.....but it won't do chkdsk and i tried it via the c drive >properties> tools etc and restarted and still won't do it. So like i said i formatted it last time and loaded everything up everything was fine, and now its done it again and I don't want to format, but now it's not even letting me into safe mode normal, with networking or with command prompt, and it is very frustrating and I find it hard to believe a freeze on the sims 3 would cause such damage to my pc, so any help would be grateful.

    I would like to say I have looked at other topics regarding this problem and tried, system restore but to no avail, and as i have said chkdsk is not working or im not doing something right.


    just to add, i un plug all usb ports...welll i dont have that many connected just keyboard, ext HD, and wireless connector, so i disconnected the ext HD

    ....lol 86 views no replies awesome, well i formatted my drive again cause I can't spend forever waiting as i need my pc, but any opinions on how to fix and why would still be appreciated thanks

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