Windows XP - TaskBar Freezes

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Sep 22, 2003
  1. KiddJones

    KiddJones TS Rookie

    Alright, so my problem is similiar, not sure if its the same as above or not.
    My taskbar freezes when starting up windows (connected to internet or not). When I hover over it, my cursor just turns into an hourglass as if it was loading. It also wont open Internet Explorer or Taskmanager. It just became this way like overnight some how, I have not installed anything. The taskbar will eventually load after I leave it alone for about 15 minutes... same as if I don't log on. If I leave it at the Logon window for about 15 min and then log on then it runs fine without problem also.

    Still, very annoying problem. Just today I tried to install SP2 with windows update, but everytime I click on a windows update link a blank explorer pops up as if it was loading and just freezes that IE window. (not sure if that is related to the same problem or not)

    I have run a PandaScan, used like Spybot and Adaware, and this thing called security task manager to check to see if there was any threatening processes. Nothing that has fixed the problem.

    I would reformat/reinstall but I don't have a Windows XP CD. And i'm not sure how that would work with having to re-activate my version of windows.

    Anyways, if anyone has any idea what this could be, please let me know! Thanks.
  2. eric5b

    eric5b TS Rookie

    I have resolved the issue by stopping and disabling IPv6 Helper Service. (I have no idea why it was installed in the first place.) Go to Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Services, open IPv6 Helper Service, stop it and change its Startup type to Disabled.
  3. alexdean

    alexdean TS Rookie

    thanks folks

    I just followed the instructions from auditordude27 and voilla my machine runs smoothly agian. not sure if it was a windows update or the domain change we had internally. but all of a sudden my taskbar froze, explorer would freeze and and I could only switch between apps using the alt-tab shortcut.
    switsching off the upnp service, and adding the reg key while I was at it, as well as switching off the firewall service which was running although I had the xp firewall disabled seems to have solved the issue.

    I suggest to anyone having such a problem to start off with disabling all services you really don't need.
    I learned this lesson only after formatting and resinstalling my machine.
  4. alantyc

    alantyc TS Rookie

    I'm SOOOO Glad i found this thread!!

    I'm running a Compaq presario V1000 notebook (much similar to the hp nx series)

    The notebook was running perfectly well.

    As it came with 256mb ram, After 6 months of use i decided to add another 512mb ram. .Total ram 768 mb ram.

    Thats when my taskbar started freezing. Occassionally it would freeze. It woould be reproduced when i closed my notebook's screen. (my notebook is configured to "do nothing" when i close the computer lid)

    The taskbar would also occassionally freeze up as it liked.

    I tried the solution posted by auditordude but it didn't work..

    Anyone got any more ideas to help me out with this problem?
  5. a`d

    a`d TS Rookie

  6. alantyc

    alantyc TS Rookie

    no more ideas?
    why does my taskbar freeze?!! while the programs and icons on the desktop still work?
  7. ryder_5ca

    ryder_5ca TS Rookie

    I have the same problem.

    1. My taskbar freezes for 5-15 minutes, when computer connects to Internet.
    I'm trying to ctr+alt+del. Doesn't work.
    Then suddenly all the actions start to pop-up.
    I've changed register of Outlook for:
    [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider]
    from "ncalrpc,ncacn_ip_tcp,ncacn_spx,ncacn_np,netbios,ncacn_vns_spp"
    to "ncacn_ip_tcp,ncacn_spx,ncacn_np,netbios,ncacn_vns_spp,ncalrpc"
    As it was mentioned in some postings.
    It’s have changed for a while. But then I realized my language bar from Taskbar disappeared. I restored it and the problem returned again.

    2. My internal firewall is showing-on on security center even in firewall configuration window it's off.

    This is my system info:
    OS Name Microsoft Windows XP Professional
    Version 5.1.2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600
    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
    System Type X86-based PC
    Processor x86 Family 15 Model 2 Stepping 4 GenuineIntel ~2017 Mhz
    BIOS Version/Date Award Software, Inc. ASUS P4SGX-MX ACPI BIOS Revision 1005, 11/06/2003
    SMBIOS Version 2.3
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "5.1.2600.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158)"
    Total Physical Memory 640.00 MB
    Available Physical Memory 338.30 MB
    Total Virtual Memory 2.00 GB
    Available Virtual Memory 1.96 GB
    Page File Space 2.16 GB

    This taks are running:
    system idle process

    I have:
    Norton Antivirus 2005
    Sygate FireWall pro
    SiS 900-Based PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
    Router-Linksys 2.4Ghz 802.11b

    Any ideas???
    Thank you!

  8. alantyc

    alantyc TS Rookie

    How i Unfreezed my xp taskbar

    I never had a taskbar freeze problem after I got my Compaq Presario V1000 notebook. Centrino 1.5Ghz wireless-b

    I upgraded my ram from 256 to 768mb. before any freezing happened.

    I took my notebook to my friends plac, used his wifi and then my taskbar started freezing. I used my Notebook in my dad's house, plugged into his network thru his HUB (not a router or switch) then it started freezing. I used my new D-link Router via LAN it froze occassionally and wifi froze all the time.
    (hubs are slow)

    I had initially thought that my new ram was the culprit but after i did the following the problem went away permanantly.

    I reconfigured my network, threw away the Dlink router, used another modem router and the problem was solved.

    I have tried many of the methods in this forum but to no avail.

    I have settled into one conclusion.. The reason why the taskbar freezes is because the network is slow and/or lagging.

    Improve your network and all the taskbar freezing will go away

    At least this solution worked for me..
  9. ryder_5ca

    ryder_5ca TS Rookie

    I have a notebook ASUS Z9000R with wireless, connected to the same router and never had this problem.

  10. alantyc

    alantyc TS Rookie

    1 ok.. i didn't mention that my slow network had a strange configuration. It was a dlink 714p+ wireless router connected with a fixed IP to an Aztech modem router on DHCP. (Connected router to router). This may have slowed down the network somewhat. Don't know why.It was so slow i would also get a timeout while uploading. Needless to say that when i realized that this configuration was the problem i promptly changed it. Now i'm connected directly via LAN to the modem router. No problem with the taskbar freezing, no problem on uploading or downloading. The wireless router is still networked and i only use it when I move my noteboook around the house, for minimal data transfer.

    What i'm trying to say is that my taskbar froze because of the slow internet connection.

    Those who still have the taskbar freeze problem, just plug you computer into a proven higher speed internet connection (or any connection which doesn't have this problem).. Try and see if the problem is stilll there..

    2. I notice that mostly the compaq and HP notebooks are affected by this problem. Mebbe because its a first generation centrino. I've got loads of ram so that can't be the problem..
  11. alantyc

    alantyc TS Rookie

    wait ..

    what do you mean you never had this problem.. isn't your taskbar freezing now?
  12. PandaPatrol

    PandaPatrol TS Rookie

    My problem is very strange

    Unlike you guys' taskbar freezing for about five minutes, mine is COMPLETELY frozen. When I start up the computer, I am able to log in. Afterwards, I would move the cursor to the taskbar and it would have that waiting symbol. Apparently, it doesn't go away. So the only way to run programs for me, is to use task manager. But even task manager won't work UNLESS I disable explorer.exe on the processes. In doing so, I am able to launch Mozilla. Everything is fine this way except there is no taskbar and no icons. Also, solutions I've tried are disabling some startup programs that was not common at startup, did a system restore and it worked. I mean literally. It was fine when it restored, but when I restart, it goes back to its normal stage: FREEZING. I tried system restore twice and the same problem occurred. I'm running out of ideas. Also, when I try to open Control.exe on Windows Task manager, it just freezes after a few seconds. Safe mode is no good idea, it is the same as running it regularly. I desperately need help, and this computer is not even a year old! If anyone can help I'd greatly appreciate it!
  13. alantyc

    alantyc TS Rookie

    Disconnect your Lan cables, switch off your wireless and boot the computer, does it freeze?

    If the computer works well without connecting to the net, then its the slow network fault.
    Contact your systems admin to speed up the net, or do some modifications to your network.

    If you have disconnected to the net and the problem still arises then its probably a windows problem, ask Microsoft for support
  14. ¿°¿

    ¿°¿ TS Rookie

    the solution [maybe]

    I am having exactly the same problem, only sometimes, other things start freezing too. My problem was the ctfmon.exe. I suggest you open task manager before connecting to the internet and end the process ctfmon.exe and see if it works then. If it doesn't, then I have no idea what's wrong.
  15. techtom

    techtom TS Rookie

    problem solved (for me)

    Hi everyone (new member)

    I had this problem but it totally froze my computer

    when i started up it just completely froze and i couldnt do anything even after waiting for an hour so i rebooted in safe mode and had a look at some of the applications running in the taskbar (the bottom right)

    This may only help those of you who have desktop x installed

    the problem was the desktop x program was trying to load up and it crashed everything so I uninstalled it in safe mode.

    If you dont have desktop x installed try removing any other applications that run in the taskbar as they will probably sort out the problem

    Of course if the problem still occurs after trying everything then just wipe ur computer it allways works!

    Hope this helps :wave:
  16. jpk

    jpk TS Rookie


    I tried solution provided by eric5b and it worked. Many thanks.
  17. ryder_5ca

    ryder_5ca TS Rookie

    I have two computers. One is stationary which is main computer,I have problem with. Another is Notebook, with this I don't have problem at all. They both connected to internet through the router. Notebook wireslessly and stationtry through cabel.

  18. ryder_5ca

    ryder_5ca TS Rookie

    eric5b advice works

    I just disconnected stupid thing and everithing is just fine!!!!!

    Thanks eric5b,

  19. jpk

    jpk TS Rookie

    I struggled with my problem for atleast 5 months. As soon as I connected to my ISP, my system froze for 5 minutes. I mean frozen. I had to wait for 5 minutes and everything came back to life. I implemented the solution from Eric5b to disable IPV6 and I have now not had the problem for over a week. IPV6 is experimental code supplied by microsoft in XP, but their is no support. IPV4 is what is currently used for Internet traffic. IPV6 will be the next version but not for some time. Hope this is helpful.
  20. share777

    share777 TS Rookie

    Windows TaskBar Freezes after dial-up

    I beleive it was Norton Antivirus Liveupdate to blame for sucking my scarce 512 Mb memory. The problem has gone forever after I have disabled this option. Also just in case I have disabled Windows Automatic Updates using Microsoft Management Console.
  21. novasta

    novasta TS Rookie


    I have met with this problem 2 days ago.And i was suspicious about a virus or a worm.But tried a hard scan with not only Norton/McAffe also Hjackthis,Spyboot etc.But my computer was clear.So i understand the problem is not a Virus or something.
    2 Days ago while Windows was shutting down, i pluged my usbdisk off.Then i return to my computer.VODAAA---taskbar not responding and giving me sound as failure.
    Then i did all prosudure as explaine above.Then understood it's not a virus but a software problem.Then i started to search which programme can cause this.Opened all programs.And BINGO...when i tried to reach Cubase Sx 3,0...It has not opened.It was the last program that i used when decided the turn off the Windows XP.
    First i tried that tool which fixes the Taskbar problem.It fixes but when i restart problem it happened again.
    Final Solution : I uninstall Cubase Sx3 totaly,also registry entries.
    And taskbar is normal.
  22. zeljko1

    zeljko1 TS Rookie

    yea,you are right.cubase is problem.i also have cubase sx beacuse i am professional audio engineer and musician and decide to install it in my studio.but,cubase needs ****in dongle check.(piece of hardware)and cubase h2o driver is not compatibile with windows or something and then causing conflicts and errors.i uninstall it and removed h20 driver for that dongle from startup and now is everything fine.damn dongle,damn cubase:D
  23. Aziz

    Aziz TS Rookie

    Hello there
    I became a member just to answer this question of task bar freezing ,I suffered from it from it for several days , I even read the replies here but none worked .
    I found the solution in another forum (I think I am not allowed to write the link )
    BUT here it is and it works miracles :
    Go to start;run and type regedit. Press enter.
    Navigate to:

    Highlight Stuckrects in the left pane right click on it and delete.
    Reboot. Windows will create a new taskbar.

    Good luck to all
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