Windows XP will not turn on

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Feb 26, 2012
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  1. Hi
    The other day I downloaded an update for Firefox and while I was scaning the download for viruses computer just turned off and restarted by itself. I checked event viewer under application, sure enough there was an error: event system. I double clicked it and scrolled down the event properties, the discription says: The Com+ event system detected a bad return code during its internal processing. HResult was 80040154 from line 44 and ds:\comxp_sp3\com\com\ix\etc\events\tier\event system obj
    This may indicate that the com+ event system is not properly installed. Please try to reinstall the Com+ event system.
    I used the pc few time after that then turned it off using hibernate mode. To day when I tried to turn it on the button lit up with a yellow light instead (usually) green light, and nothing happens, and then turns off again.I unplugged the cord, pressed the button for 30 seconds, plugged it back and nothing happens. Please help. If I can get it to start and boot may be it tells me something.Thank you verymuch.
    conputer is desktop, windows xp , home edition. I got it old about 5? years.
  2. ComputerGuy55

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    If you have the Windows XP Installation disc, I suggest popping it in and doing a few of the following:

    You could do a chkdsk /f /r


    sfc /scannow


    repair install.

    A repair install would be your best bet as it should fix most issues. However, one thing you have to be careful of is doing a repair install with an SP2 Disc on a machine with SP3, it can cause you a bit of trouble to get it back working properly (It can be fixed, just a long process)
  3. Roblove

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    my dear try this

    the best option is getting a windows xp sp3 CD which has not been customised and then use it the when it asks you to press R to repair and enter to continue please press "ENTER" Then when you are prompted to press "ESC" to continue with out repairing and press "ENTER" to repair please hit the enter button on yo key board the god part of it is that you will have all your files in tact apart from any customization will be lost
    hope this will help you
  4. Tmagic650

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    The power supply has probably failed, and it needs to be replaced
  5. dumna

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    Computer XP will not turn on

    Thank you guys,
    If computer will not start (turn on) how can I run the installation disk.. I press the start button , (a week) light - start button light) comes on for a few seconds then it goes off. May be there is a small fuse or battery of some kind that is so week or some thing.
    Oh, I am not using the ( will not start PC). I can not. I am now using an old, old Compaq pc just to find answer to fix the other PC, Gateway. Again I don't know how I can run a cd in a computer that refuses to turn on or start. Sorry, if there was any misunderstanding in my previous post.
  6. Tmagic650

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    There's no misunderstanding here, at least on my end... As I said, at best the power supply is bad or at worst the motherboard is bad. There is no way you can re-install XP in any way until you get the hardware fixed. As you said, it was used when you got the computer 5 years ago, right?
  7. ComputerGuy55

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    Yeah Tmagic is right. it is probably the Power Supply, I misunderstood the problem as with all the information there it seemed like you were saying it would not fully boot to windows, not that the computer itself failed to power on.

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