Windows XP "Window Size"?

By DJTru
Nov 14, 2005
  1. Hello there i dont know if there is anyone out there that can help me. My friend has a problem in windows XP. He told me that when he opens up any window within the desktop it opens very very small. Now the question i have is there a option or a setting he can go to. To make the windows open up normal or bigger than how they open up now?
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    Well, once a window is opened and then closed. It theoretically should remember what the last size was and reuse that. Try expanding the window, and then hitting the X.

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    he can always go into display settings in control panel to adjust resolutions.
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    The above 2 keys are used in all versions of Windows (since 95/NT); Windows XP also uses the following keys, so you might want to delete these too:


    (the pane on the left with groups like file/folder tasks, other places, details, etc) is stored in the following key:


    Delete that to reset this data too.

    I woulda found it if my machine had problems
    you can to, just goolgize it all
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