Windows XP won't start due to kl1.sys error

Oct 3, 2011
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  1. Hey,

    I'm really a beginner here so I'll try to describe my problem as accurate as possible and hopefully someone can help me because I've really searched the net for a solution and I just can't find one.

    I have a MSi U100 notebook and about a week ago the Windows XP OS just won't load. Ive tried every option available (Safe mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Last known Configuration, Normally, etc) and it just won't load. What I also need to explain is that about a month earlier I re-installed (wiped the drive and installed Windows XP). The problem with this was that there is no CD-ROM or DVD-ROM so I had to install Windows XP via a USB stick. This was not easy but somehow I managed to do it. It worked fine and I even installed Kaspersky IS. As I mentioned earlier, Windows XP just will not load.

    When I try loading it with Safe Mode, the last file it freezes on is kl1.sys (and I Googled this and it is Kaspersky related). After about a minute the Blue Screen Of Death appears for just a brief moment to notice the color and then restarts.

    Some forums mention that there might be a power supply problem and I'm not sure how to fix this. I've already bought it's own charger (cost a fortune) but it will not frigging load. I've also tried rebooting windows with a bootable USB so as to reinstall Windows without wiping out the previous OS) but it just stays on a blank screen with a white line blinking for about an hour before I get tired and shut it down. Ive also tried the recovery console but I don't know if that works because its hard doing it via USB when the majority of instructions are for CD.

    Ive already tried most of the programs to transfer Windows onto USB like BartPE, flashboot, WintoUSB, etc but nothing seems to work. I have no idea what is going on and would really like some help on this matter. Is there a way to delete or uninstall the file that's causing this error or even just be able to get into the Windows OS?? Please help...
  2. Tmagic650

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    Start over with a fresh install and leave Kaspersky off this time... These are netbooks and not notebooks. You can use a USB external CD/DVD drive. It's much easier to use for this

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