Wireless bridge/router ranges

By king21092
Nov 9, 2010
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  1. I am curious as to how far the range is on router/bridges with different dBm levels.
    What is the distance for approximate 16-18dBm?

    I need a wireless bridge that works at 1000ft apart (measured approximately 340 yards between). There is only 1-2 small trees in the path, so it's a clear shot between both houses. My uncles house is on an open field, along with my house. Check out the image to explain how I need my network setup.

    If anyone can explain the distances of the signal strengths and maybe throw out a few choices to pick from that would be awesome.

    *If I can get it from Newegg than that's a plus.
    *Hope to get a bridge that's equal to or less than $150-ish (per each unit, so $300-ish total for both houses).

    Anyway thanks ahead of time for any help or anything you all post. I really appreciate all the help you all give me.


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