Amped wireless SR2000G:A few tests...

By remixedcat
Dec 8, 2012
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  1. Performance:
    My readings using the amped wireless tool for android are: 215ft@ 58% at -81dBm and browsing works faster then 3G from that distance. Speedtests show around 120-225Kbps at that distance with a ping of 300 some. My “3G” is worse than that sometimes. That’s a good thing because it saves on data usage… LOL. The 3G in my area is pitiful. I am so glad I got the repeater. I can hang out at the neighbor’s house and still have my own net access because I don’t want them snooping into what I’m doing. I can also watch youtube vids there too with no problems. This thing works just like my AP20000G but it makes it farther!

    It also has neat features like wireless bridging, where I can hook up wired clients to the SR20000G and the connection is wireless from the repeater to the access point. This is nice when you don’t wanna run long cables under an icky house or the layout is wonky but you gotta use a desktop PC without a wireless USB or whatever. That’s awesome! Most repeaters don’t have that! I have a desktop in another part of the house and I am so sick of tripping over the darn cable all the time… and my hubby is too lazy to run it in the floor. LOL….

    ! Throughput tests using airmapper app for android was around 1.2mbps at 100 some feet away and I was getting around 3-4mbps 65 ft away speedtests were about the same too. My phone seems to cap it at 10 within the confines of my house.

    and wow this repeater stays connected even though I've been screwing with the router's wifi settings a bunch... awesome.

    it's at 100% and it's down stairs.. so is the router...

    100% -33dBm for the router that's 3 ft away and
    100% -49dBm for the repeater that's 30 some ft away and down stairs

    Xbox Live and streaming video test (simultaneous) :We put the SR20000G through a test of a very demanding Xbox live game Black Ops 2:Zombies… it’s a very demanding game where lag really kills you. Connections were very solid and wired equivalent to being directly connected with network cable to our Amped Wireless R10000 router. We did not experience any lag spikes or defeats related to lag. Very nice.
    We also decided to use our two LG Optimus S Android phones at the same time. Web browsing was effortless. However we wanted to stream HD videos, so I played some HD video that was 55 minutes long and the video was not buffering while the other person was playing Black Ops 2. However when a second phone was streaming HD the connection to Black Ops 2 was interrupted occasionally. However when the other phone was done playing, it picked back up and didn’t have problems. This is expected of a repeater, however since, in general, repeaters will decrease bandwidth anyways, regardless of the brand. This was not related to our internet connection, however as the second phone was playing HD fine while being connected to the wireless router instead of the repeater. Does this affect my recommendation? No, it’s still a solid device.

    We also put it through a whole 24 hours of being connected to the repeater only and we only had one connection interruption and it was very brief and may have been attributed to the host of the game….. that is still very good.

    2 whole days of Xbox live gaming and we had 3 interruptions that could have been caused by other factors…. Still excellent for a repeater in sub-optimal conditions. Also the router is not setup in the most optimal spot either.

    Please note: the video streaming tests were done at various ranges from the device.
    Please also note: the repeater is connecting at 72% sig str. And under sub-optimal conditions while microwaves are being used. There are 6 other detectable APs nearby that are not mine.

    Recommended: YES!

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