Wireless internet stopped working

By mhc77
Jan 18, 2009
  1. I use wireless internet every day. A couple of days ago my wireless internet was working normally, but then my computer said "limited or no connectivity". It wasn't just my computer because my roommate also on our wireless network got the same message. So we unplug and replug the modem and router ...

    (we only know to do this because when we first moved into our apartment- in September - we were having problems with our internet and it turned out to be a bad modem, which was then replaced by a brand new one and we haven't had a problem since, and our internet connection has since been very stable).

    After replugging the modem and router to the outlet, everyone's wireless internet worked except mine. My computer finds my wireless network, and It attempts to connect, "Acquiring network address" "please wait while windows connects..." and after a good minute, it stops the attempt.

    I am able to connect to the internet through ethernet cord connected to the router, but my wireless doesn't work. Today I restored my computer to "factory settings" to see if the problem would be solved, but it's still does the same thing.

    Could my wireless card need to be replaced? Or could it be some other problem. Any help is appreciated. I can provide more info if asked.
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