Wireless network disappears, fine for wires

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We have a dlink dir635 router in our house which two computers connect to via wireless and two or three connect via a wire. The wireless network seems to disappear randomly. Sometimes it'll work for 10 minutes then go AWOL and sometimes it'll work for like a month or something with no problems.

This is only for the wireless users in the house - the network is 100% available to everybody on a wire.

Sometimes this can be fixed by resetting router. Sometimes not though - so I don't know for sure whether resetting the router does anything, it seems like an immediate cause and effect though when it does work.

Any ideas?

All computers are using windows xp home.

One of the wireless computers is a crusty old IBM thinkpad and my one is an Intel Q6600 2gb or ram etc etc.


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Possible problem sources: interference; failing router.

Use a different channel.

Re-flash the router firmware. This product is entering EOL support - no new firmware updates. Beware to match router version to available firmware.

Re-flash covers failing "flash memory device" and sometimes vendor screw ups.

At 1 site with product reviews: 5 enthusiastic for; 1 negative against because of wireless dropouts.

Do the logs & status pages for the router reveal any pattern to the wireless dropouts?


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In additon,

have you physically moved the wireless computers close to the router?

Plus have you looked to see if either one still sees the SSID still broadcasted? (and check router to make sure the SSID is broadcasted - some routers have the option to not broadcast it)

Use the wireless managers on your pc's to list SSIDs it sees or use something like NetStumbler
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