Wireless network not working

My wireless is not working on my computer, just a couple months ago I reset my computer using the ISO file, now my computer will only connect to the Ethernet cable. The wireless switch is on. I see a button near the VAIO button that shows a computer with signals coming off of it, I've tried pressing it but it doesn't do anything. Computer specs: VAIO Song Laptop with 6 GB Ram and 1 TB HDD.


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Sounds like when you reset your computer the proper wireless drivers were not re-installed. I would start looking for a solution for this. What Operating System does it have (Windows 7 / Windows 8.1/ etc.)? Have you tried to remove the Wireless drivers and re-install those? How about downloading and installing updated drivers from the VAIO website?


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You may never get all the function buttons working again. Setting up the function buttons on Vaio's can be very hard to do. I found the same difficulty with a Dell laptop too so this is probably a general thing. You should be able to install the wireless drivers without much difficulty. I'd think this to be easy compared with "reset my computer using the ISO file." In my case I had to use the US site to find what I needed.