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Apr 8, 2009
  1. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read and consider my question. I am computer functional but not computer literate. I am currently trying to solve a problem I face - we have Verizon Fios (an Actiontech wireless modem) it has a limited range in our home. I have purchased and we currently use a belkin g plus mimo wireless router with a long connection cord that extends the signal slightly, however I would like to move this to the middle of our home and cover the other side of the house. Moving the modem connection is not an option at this point. My question: Is it possible to wirelessly connect the Belkin to the Actiontech and there by disseminate the signal from the Belkin? Please remember I am not computer literate so plain terms would be greatly appreciated.
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    From my knowledge, No you can't connect them together via wireless. The only way to do this is to connect them via cable and have one router acting as a client and one acting as a server.

    This means that the Server will be directly connected to the internet and allows clients to connect to it and broadcast a wireless network etc.

    The client router is like a slave to the server. It's assigned an IP and is treated like a computer by the server. However to do this you must configure your router to act as a client, Many routers do not support this. I suggest reading your routers manuals and deciding if either support this feature.

    I hope I was of some help to you :)
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    you need an Access Point (or a router which can be) configured into Bridge Mode to do this.
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    Thank you

    I appreciate your response. I hadnt found anyone that could say yes or no definitively. I couldnt figure out how to connect the router wirelessly and what you said seems to make sense as to why. I was just hoping. Thanks again.
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    just fyi on adding a wireless to an existing wired network

    modem---router ---- existing wired systems
                +--- [y]--wireless .-.-.- other wireless systems
    take a LAN port on the wired router [x] and connect to a lan port on the wireless[y]
    disable the DHCP service in the wireless.

    the original router DHCP will control ALL systems.

    Using an A/P or router in bridge mode
    +--- [y]--A/P .-.-.-..- (remote)wireless .-.-.- other wireless systems
  6. curiousbynature

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    Thank you

    I think I see what you mean, I will give it a try, it may be beyond me but I thank you for responding.
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