WLM cannot update, nor sign in

By uksquall
Feb 21, 2009
  1. Hey, few days ago i had a notification of an update for WLM (windows live messenger), i hit cancel because im a lazy *****, today i was hit with it again, but when i clicked "no" it signed me out, i clicked sign in and i was confronted with the same message, after clicking "no" it did not sign me in, making it compulsory for me to update, which was fine, was only 2 mins of my life.. but at about 24% i was hit with his message


    Theres a picture, i tried to manually download the setup.exe, but when i tried to install it, it told me that i had already installed a better version previously, i cant connect to most microsoft sites, and firefox comes up with this error, (same with I.E, cannot display etc.etc.)


    I cant think of anything to do, please dont suggest reinstalling my OS if you cant think of anything, there must be something wrong, ive tried to access the links i cannot on my other computers and they work fine, and ive also asked a friend to check and he says that the links work perfectly., also ive tried on safemode and ive shut down all but crucial processes in task manager


    Heres my specs if you need them

    9550+ AMD phenom quadcore
    2GB DD2 Corsair ram
    250gb HDD
    8800GT NVIDIA
    XP - SP2 (vista skin)
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