WOF: How much time do you spend playing games?


TS Evangelist
When I was playing MW2... you could catch me spending nearly 8 hours playing a video game in a day. There might be slight over-estimate ...


TS Rookie
Standalone games? Not much anymore. Facebook? Lol, I'm the type that scripts those games so personally I spend more time in perl but the game is being played. Heheh.


TS Enthusiast
When playing a new game, I might play 20 hours in a week. On the average week though 3-5 hours is all that I can spare. Seems to be less and less as time goes on too. But Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up. :)


Probably spend 30-40hrs a week playing pro evo 2011 and moh not much else until da2 comes out, may get black ops after I read some reviews as mw2 really disappointed. All while having a full time job(9-5), gf and quite a busy social life :).


TS Rookie
I would have to say around 15 hours a week on average, especially since Halo:Reach came out! I'm married with two kids so that makes getting the game time in a lot harder, have to wait until everyone goes to bed so I'm usually playing between 11PM and 2AM. Then get up at 7 and its off to work!


TS Rookie
It really depends on how addicted I am, but I also get tired fast... So i usually play around 3-4hours a day during workdays and probably 6-8 hours during off-days.
Yeah I know my social life is suffering :) wahahaha


TS Evangelist
I've not played a game since starting my degree course at the start of October. I'm too busy studying. :(

I must make time to shoot people and blow stuff up, I'm getting withdrawal symtoms :haha:


TS Rookie
I have slowing down my addiction to play games. Now i play around 1 hours per day but on weekends it jump to 4-6 hours per day.


TS Special Forces
I'd guess 5-10 hours per week now. This is actually an increase from a few months ago when I was probably around 3-5 hours/week.


TS Rookie
I bought Bad Company 2 on October 15, I quit playing on November 30th, sadly the new maps arrived on December 1st :(, and I totaled 150 hours, That's 25 hours a week.

I won't play at all for the rest of the year, I got many things going on right now.


RPG fan here, will play 4-6 hrs per day
playing morrowind and dragon age again, oblivion upon completion then onto fallout 3 and the mass effect series.