WOF: How much time do you spend playing games?


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My gaming time has drastically suffered nowadays, I don't know why but I just can't find the drive to finish the games that I started :(

so maybe less than 10 hrs a week, actually more around 5 really


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most time were spent on baby sitting, so left maybe 3-4 hours per week for gaming, and that's including baby disturb once a while. I must say I missed the old times while still single...

Edward Catflap

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Hours a week? On average about 2 to 3 between all games, including EVE Online (MMO). Expecting to see that number jump up to about 35 hours when the next Call of Duty is released :p
Probably about 10 hours per week, still too much in my standards but well, old habits die hard. Also I have a bunch of games, but I haven't finished even a third of them yet.


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I'm going to guess... around 20 - 30 hours a week?
It's probably going to go down soon though, as I've found other things to distract me... XP
Steam tells me I've played 88 hours of TF2 in the past 2 weeks... O_O;; I can't remember how much of that was time spent idling, though...


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Zero. Zip. Never.

I have to work. And what free time I have is better spent outside getting some fresh air and exercise. Or snuggling with the wifey.


I'm FORTUNATE if I can get in 5 hours a week playing games. Yesterday was a Sunday and I put in about 3 hours and that's pushing it. Between work, maintaining my health and an upcoming wedding, it seems like I don't have time for games. I hate it but it's life. Wattya gonna do?
Right now I would say I only average 2-4 hours a week. If I had unlimited time though it would be a lot higher. Other responsibilities have a higher priority right now and the extra time I have is limited. I'm trying to work out time though to play with my brothers online who no longer live near me. It's a great bonding tool for us.


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It's a very cyclic process for me, like a lot of people here. With a new whiz-bang game, I'll get sucked in for 2-3 hours in the evening between dinner and bed. On slow weekends, much longer. Then the burnout will set in, and I'll transition to non-game entertainment for a few weeks. Rinse and repeat.


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.....first i want to say the picture is amazing.....how much would you sell eveything thats in the picture for...lol anywho.... i currently under steam have like 32 hours in the past 2 weeks but thats mainly because midterms were there...usally i go up to like 56 ...


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I use to play at least 6 hours a day. Sadly I have the xfire profile to prove how much I've played. Now with work and having a life I dont play at all haha


Some time ago when I was unemployed I used to play Lineage2 like 12-16 hours a day, everyday. After a few weeks things got pretty weird. I was getting out into real world thinking what armor sets people wore while every now and then feeling an urgent need of buffs and potions. Since I`m back at work I skip MMO`s entirely, but I can`t help spending a few hours in SC2 or Counterstrike, depending on the mood. I believe that you shouldn't pass 5 hours straight gaming a day as it starts to get mental.


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I usually play 2-3hrs of games a weeknight after work. On weekends it ranges anywhere from 3-4hrs to all day marathons, just depends on what I have going on.


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Well I figure about 5-6 hours a day 100% on the computer playing new games... I'm sure it adds up. Although microsoft's numbers are definitely skewed. There are tons and tons of people that only play one or two hours a week. Then there are the guys and gals that are pulling 10+ hours a day that make it up for the rest of the normal people.


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About 5 to 13 hours a week with quite a bit of fluctuation. Majority of my gaming time is actually from Sunday night to Wednesday night. Thursday, Friday and the weekend I am either too busy or away from my desktop (out of town to visit family). I guess I also play about an hour of FIFA 10 on the PS3 every week on the weekends with buddies.

Much of my gaming time is really dependent on the game I am playing and how much it hooks me on. When I used to play L4D, I would be gaming whenever I got the chance. Also, after I have just finished a single player games campaign/story there is a period of a few days or a week in which I do not play any games. It is similar to the empty, sorrow feeling that you get right after you finish a good book; you do not want it to end but you just can't stop reading/playing.

I have a huge backlog of games from steam that I am slowly playing through. The problem with backlog games is that they have already lost their new and fresh status even though you have not even played them yet. You see them everytime you open up steam, and they quickly lose their attractiveness. Another issue with backlog games or just old games with bargain prices in general is that the multiplayer component is no longer existent. WiC, Crysis Wars and CoH are examples of good/great games with fun multiplayer (maybe not crysis) that is really small/ non-existent. Luckily for me, I care a lot more about singleplayer and a good story than multiplayer.