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By insanewhitekid
Aug 21, 2009
  1. Hello, I was removing a fan from my case because it had a high pitched sound when you
    turn it up. I took it out and tested it to make sure it was the fan and not something else. It
    came with a molex connector and I wanted to try it, so while the computer was turned on i
    unplugged one of the male molex connectors that gives power to my graphics card and used it to test the fan. When I found out it was the fan, I connected the molex connector(1 of 2 that give my video card power) back into the video card and the whole system shut off. Now when I turn it on it only stays on for about 1/2 second. All of my fans that i have connected turn on exept for my cpu fan. I feel really shitty because I just had to get a new mother board cpu and ram becausee I dropped a magnetic screw driver on my last motherboard.
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    HI insanewhitekid,
    go back and recheck where all your molex leads are coming from and where they end up. inbetween your unplugging and replugging for your fan check, make sure you didn't plug two' hot' molex together, as for versatility some end in male and some female. if you did that it shut down the system immediately like a dead short.
  3. insanewhitekid

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    hot" i think i know what you mean becasue as soon as it touched it shut down how do i know if it is hot or not? and how to i get it to start up? does this problem mean ill have to buy new stuff
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