World of Warcraft texture glitches

By plasma dragon00
Feb 22, 2009
  1. well how to put this... every now and then World of Warcraft goes "trippy" for me. some texture elements will be replaced with others. one time i had the SSO bridge texture replaced with the auctioneer icon >_> ive tried a repair install which lessened the occurence but still happens from time to time.

    xp home 32 bit
    1 gig ram
    geforce 8800 gt

    nothing spectacular for the specs, but enough to keep it running. also, if somehow hard drive space could be a problem, its not. i have well over 1.5TB on my pc. i havent tried running it without addons, but i cant stand to play without my addons. this happens to my friend from time to time also, who uses similar addons to me.

    if nothing can be done about it, ill deal with it. all i need to do is restart WoW or my pc to fix it.
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