Windows 8 Wrong Keyboard Layout


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Please check the 'similar Topics' links that appear below your post. This one in particular may be useful

I understand English is probably not your first language, but unfortunately, it is not clear from your post exactly what your problem is. The posts in the link I give above cover many problems people have with Japanese keyboards and the ability to switch backward and forward between them. Most if not all problems seem to have a solution, so hopefully you also will find one that helps you in that long series of posts. Good luck.
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I think you are using a usb keyboard..
So you have to download drivers for that keyboard model number and Install it.. Restart the pc ( it's worked for me ) for ps/2 keyboards go to device manager and update your keyboard drivers after that restart the pc


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I am having a Japanese keyboard but english layout tried everything any solution ?

( I am not talking about the input method, I am talking about the physical layout of the keys on the keyboard)
Other than the characters, I don't understand what is wrong. If its just the characters you're concerned about, why not get a sheet of typewriter characters you peel off & put on the keyboard?