Wrt54g v.5 wireless router issues

By metalronin
Apr 7, 2010
  1. Hi guys I need to set up a wireless network so that my roomate can acess the internet from her room down the hall so she gave me a WRT54G v.5 wireless router buuuut without the drivers/install disc. So I tried to download it from the linksys/cisco site but they just gave me a .bin file that i cannot for the life of me get any use out of. Also tried just pluggin her in and that failed to yeild any results. Thanks for your time and help in advance!

    (when i tried to get it working by just connecting it the power button constantly flashes and the reset button does nothing could the router not be functioning at all or what? roomy said it works but who knows)
  2. jobeard

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    *.BIN files are usually the firmware for the router -- you only need a wifi adaptor on your system and NOTHING for the router
    let's confirm who has what;
    1. you have the ISP account
    2. and at least some modem
    3. and have a connection to your system
    4. now the roomrate want's wifi access to your ISP
    5. and she has wifi in her system
    take the new WRT54G v.5 and connect it (wired) directly to your system and nothing else. you access that routers config page using your browse and enter
    the default router's ip address
    it will prompt for user/password
    (Leave the username blank and enter "admin" as the password )

    find the router setup and disable DHCP
    enable WiFi
    set the channel and SSID
    set a WPA passphrase
    change the admin password (WRITE IT DOWN!!!)
    save the settings and the device will restart​
    now disconnect your system from the router.
    connect the WRT54 using a LAN port to a port on your modem/router assuming it has multiple connections[*].
    connect your system to your modem router as usual.

    you will have normal ISP access and she can use her Wireless Network Wizard to
    connect to your new SSID using the new passphrase.

    [*] if your modem/router has only one connection, that's still ok too,
    just wire your system to one of the WRT54 slots -- it works either way :)
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